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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our little lady went for a swimming lesson this morning. Everyone had fun. We may blog a bit more and post the video that isn't uploading atsome point. dad has fallen asleep at least three times just trying to get these photos online. So ... sorry. I think we'll have to come back -- and Blogger won't post this, anyway. Aren't computers fun?

Motivation -- like, a floating green rubber duck -- is always important.

Oooh, a kiss makes everything better.

What's this all about?

mom has to worry about the lifeguard, bbut her daughter is busy checking out the result the pool. She may be going for a rubber duck ...

Lil' Genghis shows off her new swimsuit before mom.

You made WHO my godfather?

Lil' Genghis has been getting some quality time in her ExerSaucer lately.

And that video:


  • Everybody having a good time! This is so good :O)
    I love the swimsuit, very fashion!
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Aunt Marselle, at 16/9/07 10:01  

  • Let's see if she will end up a great swimmer like uncles Eddie and Bernie!

    To bad the video stops right at the "tchibum" moment, I would like to see her face afterwards :P

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 17/9/07 13:51  

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