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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hookers 'n' blow

So Lil' Genghis and mom are in the air at the moment, coming home from a busy week with Uncle Chris, Aunt Lelia and, of course, Cousin Marcus.

dad got busy, trying to clean up the mess. At least they're coming into the airport, rather than a train station or something. At this point, dad's car can just about drive itself to the airport ... or, at least, the strip clubs nearby.

Will mom notice? Probably she'll be more distracted by a bathroom that looks like Borat's house-cow was visiting.

And for Lil' Genghis? She's fresh from a romantic whirlwind with Cousin Marcus, but is destined to come home to one of her first personal letters from Cousin Rafic, "To my dear Valentine" ... Uh-oh. Stay tuned as the love triangle deepens, the bathroom gets scrubbed and the family finds out whether Hope and Faith are real feelings, or just strippers down by the airport. =)


  • Hehehe...A love triangle deepens it´s coming..."Dear Valentine"! Go Isabella...Go! You rock girl!
    With love,
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23/2/08 04:59  

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