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Monday, February 11, 2008

Just say 'O'

Uncle Chris, Aunt Lelia, Cousin Marcus and Reptile-in-law Phillip live in a nice, newer home in an area with pleasant rolling hills.

The location, in suburban North Carolina, and their home in particular, is a good one for food. By geographic determination, they still have the benefits of Waffle House, and, though that family lives near the border of the safe zone, they still have a reasonable shot at finding decent barbecue and maybe even sweet tea -- all good food from the American South. If you looked hard enough, you could probably find appropriate samples of American Northern food -- good stuff like cheesesteaks, and ... hrm. Cheesesteaks. Come to think of it, the Awful Waffle has an inauthentic cheesesteak impersonation that's not bad.

But even better, the home draws one family member from the American West, and one from South America (not counting Phillip), such that so many more possibilities open up. And with the South American being of Lebanese descent, you can only picture the food possibilities.

Like, kibbe. Oh, kibbe. It's like a meatloaf from the gods, as if ambrosia were consumed by cows' seven stomachs, converted into muscle, and then the cows were shoved into meat grinders. Just yesterday, their whole family*, mom and Lil' Genghis even went to a Mediterranean restaurant picked out by Lelinha, who surely knows her kibbe. (*Their whole family meaning the North Carolina crew; not the cows. The cows, you see, were already shoved into meat grinders, and, you know, it's tough to get a good table if you show up with 1,700 pounds of ground beef.)

And, today? All Genghis wants to do is eat Cheerios.

Somedays you eat cereal, and sometimes the cereal eats at you, it seems.

Meanwhile, dad is hanging out with girldog and boydog. girldog especially misses her rations of Cheerios, which are sorta like baby offal. (Wow, that's disturbing.)

Anyway, girldog isn't one to resist most foods. Let's take a look:
FoodHappy puppy?
Raw shrimp?yes
Cheerios?oooooh yes
Sticky mouse traps?yes
Empty beer can?yes
Starbucks coffee energy drink?yes
Video tapes?yes
Copy of Michael Crichton's "Airplane"?yes
Tofu?What the hell
kind of sick
bastard are you?
You can't feed
that to a dog!

And the purpose of this exercise? Dunno. dad got hungry again, though.


  • Sú and Bebel,
    enjoyed the good days!
    Sú, you are a bad girl...Waffle House?! Oh my God, I need to go there again!
    Miss you guys!
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/2/08 01:34  

  • By the way...Cool pic of Sasha!!! l.o.l

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/2/08 01:34  

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