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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Burpday!

Lil' Genghis is officially outside the warranty period, as she's celebrating her birthday today. Her true time of birth was 4:17 p.m. (16:17) on this same date. Let's recap the official celebration of last night:
  • At 11:58 p.m. (23:58), mom and dad noted that her birthday was close.
  • At 11:59 p.m. (23:59), mom and dad began mentally counting down the seconds to the birthday.
  • At midnight, 12:00 a.m., (0:00), we sung "Happy Birthday" to our sweet, dearest Lil' Genghis, holding her close and treasuring a year full of love and joy.
  • At 12:01 a.m. (0:01), she puked everywhere.

    Yep. Happy Burpday, Lil' Genghis!


    • Parabens Bellinha!! Tudo de bom pra vc! Beijos e mais beijos...
      Leticia e Ianni

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/3/08 08:03  

    • Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Great reason to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Happy birthday, little one! And many more to come!

      Auntie Leeanne

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/3/08 12:21  

    • Em contagem regressiva...Rsrsrsrs
      Achei muito fofo!
      Tia Selle

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/3/08 15:04  

    • Touching nevertheless ;)

      By Blogger Rod, at 14/3/08 08:05  

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