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Thursday, February 28, 2008

More photos

We've posted a few photo galleries from a couple weeks ago -- we're trying to work backwards. Please have a lil' bit of patience as we try to raise and photograph, er, Lil' Genghis.

Yes, mom and Uncle Bernie can be goofy.

Was it just five weeks ago she was only eating "clean" pasta?


  • Relax Mike, we will have a lil' bit of patience with you! We wanna see it more videos...But turn up the light, take a deep breath...and relax!
    Nice pics. The goofy one remember my pics....Dã!
    Bebel very cute all the time!
    Take care guys!
    Aunt Selle =O)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29/2/08 03:12  

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