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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tech update

More tweaks to the photo albums. Everything posted so far has the right dates on them.

The biggest change is subtle. Each album and photo now has an option, "Add to cart," like you're going shopping online. You can add something to the cart, return to the gallery, add something else, return to the gallery, add something else. When you're ready, there's a Cart Actions thing that lets you download them as a big ZIP file. If you're Stateside, you can also use the cart to order pictures through the Shutterfly service. It's not one we particularly endorse or anything, and it can't be used to our knowledge in Brazil or Europe ... but it's the only one we have the ability to link to at the moment.

Please feel free to use, but not abuse, this. The files are -big-, with the typical picture alone weighing in at 2.1mb. Download 25 of 'em and you've got a 50mb download. And the videos ... are something else.

If you really want a copy of everything, let us know and we can mail you a couple DVDs. It'd be easier on all of us, in the sense we won't get kicked off our Internet connection and thus lose the service for everyone, and keep us from posting any pictures anywhere ever. Just let us know if you want all the photos as they are now, or only after we've been through them and cleaned them up.

And if you like the photo album software, please consider making a donation to support the development of Gallery.


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