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Friday, July 28, 2006

Alternative ultrasounds

Aunt Marselle quickly pointed out that the growing baby looks quite a bit like a seahorse. Inspiration struck. Now, you have to remember that we all started looking like this. As the authors of "The Expectant Father" wrote:
During [the second month], the baby will change from an embryo to a fetus. By the end of the month, he or she (it's way too early to tell which) will have stubby little arms (with wrists but no fingers yet), sealed-shut eyes on the side of the face, ears, and a tiny, beating heart (on the outside of the body). If you bumped into a six-foot-tall version of your baby in a dark alley, you'd run the other way.
So just what else could be growing in mom's belly? Here's some artists' conceptions, with the original ultrasound in the top-left corner:
What could be even worse than this is Grandpa Rinaldo sees himself:
Rinaldo: This BOY looks a lot like his grandpa.

Mom: Dad, the baby is upside down, make sure you're looking on the right end!

Rinaldo: REGARDLESS of the end, he looks just like his grandpa.
Perhaps we shouldn't linger too long on which end looks like which. Note, too, that Lil' Genghis still has about two months before he gets fully working lungs. Only after then will we find out whether he's quite as LOUD as his grandpa! =)


  • I still think he is absolutely like me,his grandpa obviously!
    Or,like myself,Rinaldo,the proud grandpa.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29/7/06 18:59  

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