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Thursday, July 27, 2006


It's official: One perfectly healthy Genghis, no Horde. Within a few seconds the ultrasound operator picked up a heartbeat. Lil' Genghis had a heartbeat of 127 and a size of 9.5mm. Stay tuned for a puzzling-yet-somehow-enchanting picture of a strangely amorphous blob! =)

Update: We have a photo!

The baby is the curious blob in the Indian Ocean, just east of Ireland.

It seems fitting that the ultrasound machine is made by General Electric, which of course advertises its slogan: "We Bring Good Things To Life." GE also makes aircraft engines, nuclear weapons and Gatling guns, so all this is a good sign that Genghis is indeed set out to lead the world.

As far as the naming goes, we got a comment back from Karla, host of KarlaBabble, who at least had considered naming her spawn "Genghis." She still recommends that name for us.

Karla's blog offers some insightful looks into the art of raising children. Specifically, there are references to resorting to techniques seen in Hollywood mobster movies, supported inadvertently just this morning by the bad brother/bad brother-in-law; and references to novel restraint mechanisms, some of which were explored by the infamous Piranha Brothers. The moral of this story, of course, is everything you need to know about parenting you can get from mobster movies and British comedy shows.


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