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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two! Announcements! In! This! Post!

First, dad felt Lil' Genghis thrashing around inside mom's belly the other day. The experience simply can't be described adequately -- neat, breathtaking, emotional, ...

Second, after some 15 months without a real job, dad is getting ready to return to the workforce. This will help him clothe Lil' Genghis with the second income, of course, but most importantly will give him a break from her crying. =) Thanks for all your support!

The new job seems to carry some level of professionalism -- they're even mailing a letter of intent (!). This is better than the previous job:

Yeah, that really was his boss. Well, one of seven bosses he had.

Finally, for those friends out there seeking better employment (coughcoughcoughAuntLeeannecough), we need to share some basic employment tips:

Please note that that was one of only two funny things that Carlos Mencia ever put out.


  • Glad to help with the job! But gee, I'm going to have nightmares now that I've been forced to relive that moment of song!

    By Anonymous Catherine, at 15/11/06 20:45  

  • OK, this piece o'crap computer at work won't let me see the YouTube. Is either one the one I sent to you this week?????
    If it is, the warning may save my poor eyesight (and eardrums).

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 16/11/06 11:24  

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