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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So today mom, dad and Grandma Biziza are just sort of hanging out in the hospital room with Lil' Genghis, and there's this funny thing going on: There's three people who want to hold the baby, and there's the one baby.

dad thinks we're all too polite and patient to do something weird, but it's going to be a while before we all get our fill of her. =)

... and since dad wrote that paragraph, she was picked up by grandma, mom, dad, mom, nurse and pediatrician, who tells us she's 21 inches long, which'd be ... 53.2 cm, if the conversion was done right.

Everything is fine with Lil' Genghis. mom needs to collapse for a while, between feedings baby; a nice present just arrived, and lunch is coming soon, and there's surely going to be some sort of intercom announcement, and the next feeding could be demanded -- Isabella is a very demanding little lady, expecting only the best -- in the next 15 minutes. And now there's a knock at the door ... Better hit "publish" before things get farther out of hand!

except there were errors in the HTML, so the first knock was a nurse offering pain relief and the second was someone looking for the birth certificate stuff. This is like the old grad school saying, "publish or perish!" 'Night.


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