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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let the trumpets sound!

Lil' Genghis, also known as Isabella Kathryn, is absolutely beautiful. She arrived at 4:17 p.m. after a moderately long labor. She weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces, or 4.02 kg. Actually, those adherents of the metric system should note that her actual weight is 39.6 newtons, but that's another story.

On to the baby pics!

Video might not work for a while:

Thank God for superb nurses, a stellar anesthesiologist, a solid doctor and all of the love out there. That, and epidural drugs, which likely saved someone's lives.

... and the idea that the epidural drugs were a lifesaver, because some folks were about to kill themselves or others.


  • Congratulations!

    We look forward to meeting you, Isabelle, Marcus especially (who is already eyeing the ladies with interest). When do you come home from the hospital?

    By Anonymous Chris, Lelia, and Marcus, at 13/3/07 20:38  

  • She's so beautiful... Congratulations to Mom and Dad for the marvelous and perfect little girl, and we want more pictures!!!

    By Blogger Melissa, at 13/3/07 21:14  

  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

    By Anonymous Catherine, at 13/3/07 21:22  

  • People say all newborns look like Winston Churchill, but my niece definitively looks like her mom :)

    Welcome to the world Isabella, have fun! :)

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 13/3/07 22:41  

  • Congratulations guys!!! She's stunning -- and she does look like mom.

    Today is Ed's birthday. He was thinking Isabella Edward....

    By Anonymous Donna and Ed, at 13/3/07 23:10  

  • I'm so excited for all of you... and I can't wait to see the first picture of dad and his little girl.. I know she's already got both of you wrapped around her finger.
    I'm so excited for you both...
    Aunt Sharon:)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14/3/07 00:03  

  • Oh my God! She is a beatiful baby girl!
    Happy...I'm very happy for you guys!
    Congratulations agai =D
    Aunt Marselle

    By Blogger Marselle, at 14/3/07 06:40  

  • É a cara da mãe! Nossa deu até lágrima nos olhos de felicidade! Linda, linda linda! Que vocês todos sejam, muito, muito, mas muito felizes com a nova família que está se criando ao redor da fofucha!

    Muitos beijos do Silvio, Ana Carla e Francisco

    By Blogger Silvio, at 14/3/07 09:58  

  • Oh, she's beautiful! And you guys are right, she does look like Suze. Just beautiful. She's gonna be a daddy's girl, I can tell. :)

    By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne, at 14/3/07 10:55  

  • Good goin' guys. She is beautiful. Congratulations. Now comes the hard part.

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 14/3/07 12:25  

  • I just can´t stop looking at the pictures! she is definitely very beautiful!! what a cute lil´lady!
    and Yes, she does look a lot like Suzana! I wish the best to mom and dad and to Isabella, Have fun y´all !

    By Blogger Bernardo, at 14/3/07 14:33  

  • Ela é linda mesmo!!! As tias Piu e Laira estão babando!!!

    Saudade Mãe!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Piu, at 19/3/07 11:14  

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