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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random thoughts

Every new parent is supposed to immediately embark upon a quest to make other folks new parents, as well. We're going to pass, for the time being, given two factors: A) We know diddly about being new parents, because we plan to sleep with her in the nursery tonight; and B) a lot of folks we know are already pregnant, among them Aunt Piu, Aunt Sussen, Aunt Rebecca, Aunt Sharon and Aunt Melissa (not that one, but the sister of Bea, but the other Bea, no, the other other Bea). We wish them all luck and love. And remember, the correct answer to anyone asking, "Do you want an epidural?" is, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? MOVE IT!"

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Amanda came for a visit today. She clearly fell in love. He clearly got nervous. Asked if this was going to put pressure on him to come up with a cousin for Lil' Genghis, he just offered, "She makes all those decisions." He's a smart guy, Uncle Eddie, a doctor and all -- so we're glad to see he's figured out who runs the show. Hrm. No pressure from us, but I think we could be the least source of the pressure on him, anyway. Hrm. Yeah:

Please don't be nervous about some of these photos, because some were taken just after her birth, when she was covered in some protective white goopy stuff (very common, and a good thing, seeing as how, er, it's protective goopy stuff.) She's doing great.

More photos tomorrow, probably, after the three of us get some sleep.


  • How could I be nervous about the photos when Isabella herself is giving the thumbs up?

    Just don't tell her anything about her president and everything will be fine ;)

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 14/3/07 06:12  

  • I'm in love with her! So gorgeous!
    Welcome again Isabella!
    With all my love for you guys,
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14/3/07 08:33  

  • Thumbs up? That's so cute!!!!!!! Let me know when I can make a pilgrimage to see her ...... after you get some sleep.
    Dad thinks she's adorable. He said, "A little Stuck-ette?"

    By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne, at 14/3/07 11:19  

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