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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A long voyage

Grandma Biziza is in the midst of a 28-hour trek to the home of Lil' Genghis as we speak. This means only one thing is going to happen tomorrow, something so monumentous and important that we've been loathe to mention this here before.

Yes, folks, it's true. Tomorrow, when grandma meets granddaughter, we're going to open up the Girl Scout cookies.

We don't mention this lightly. For maybe six weeks, three boxes of Girl Scout cookies have lain dormant upon one of our shelves, just waiting for a nibble by Grandma Biziza, a famed grazer. And it presumably will be her first introduction to the famed cookies, as one wacko put it:
But of course, more cookies do make the world a better placeā€”as anyone who has ever had a crunchy, coconut-y, chocolate-dipped Samoa can attest.
Yes, Grandma's in for a real treat.

In the coming weeks, of course, Grandma will be an immense help, and will make untold sacrifices that will almost certainly make her want to collapse in the fetal position, rocking herself to sleep while moaning.

But that's all in the future. Much sooner, she'll finish her voyage through four airports, plus an cross-city bus in a place where helicopters are increasingly popular to bypass traffic. Then she'll get Girl Scout cookies.


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