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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fresh starts

Happy Birthday! Grandma Biziza and Uncle Eddie just celebrated birthdays, and Grandpa John has one coming up. You can look on this as a fresh start -- it's the first year of the rest of your lives. May you have peace, happiness and perhaps the occasional coating of Bellinha slobber to keep your skin moist.

Our family is trying to get a fresh-ish start, too. That last house we posted a picture of? Yeah, the landlord wanted us to pay for his renovations, presumably so he could continue losing $30,000 at gambling each year. (He actually bragged about that.) We passed on the place.

We did, however, find a newer home with a big grassy backyard and a nice room for Bellinha's nursery. We hope this is going to work out.

Speaking of fresh starts, not many people get to see Lil' Genghis wake up in the morning ... and no other guys will get to see this for at least 32 years, thank you very much. You can tell she likes mornings about as much as mom and dad.


    PARABÉNS para Tia Biziza e Duda, e para o John antecipadamente!
    Bellinha acordando, me deu até uma preguicinha aqui! Acho que eu vou tirar um cochilo depois deste video nana neném ;)
    Amo vocês!
    Tia Marselle

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 28/7/07 10:05  

  • Hhehehe adorei o finalzinho, ela bocejando...nao vejo a hora de conhecer essa figura!

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 28/7/07 15:19  

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