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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A bit of fiction

O negotio e o seguinte (Brazilian for, "and the story goes", or, "this is completely made up":
"Urg? I want a pickle."
"What's a pickle?"
"I don't know, but my body's telling me to have a pickle, Urg. Get me a pickle."
"Aagh, I don't know what a pickle is. How can I get one? I'm just living in a cave, like you and everyone else."
"Urg, my body says I want a pickle, so find me a pickle. My mother says my pregnant body knows what it wants, and it wants a pickle."
"You're bringing her into this? Why can't you leave my mother-in-law out of my life?"
"Well, I knew you'd say that, so I gave four fish to Ooog for a second opinion. He says my body knows what it needs, and right now it needs a pickle."
"Four fish, Aagh? How could you give four fish to that man?"
"He says he's not in our HMO network so he has to charge more. It's something to do with the Neanderthal's health-care system."
"He should know a Neanderthal. The only thing Ooog is good for is removing teeth, and that's just because he inherited that pointy rock."
"The one that looks like a pickle?"


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