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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pros tios

Vai aqui o nosso parabens para Tio Rodrigo (foi dia 8...) e Tio Marcelo (hoje). Tudibaum pra voces!!!

E' bom saber que quando for o meu aniversario voces estarao la para animar a festa!!!

Two of mom's brothers have a birthday this month. It's good to know that our baby will have them to make the party even more fun someday.


  • Back to Norway and to the marvellous world of the Interweb today..catching up with the blog ATM, but thanks for the birthday post!

    Couldn't find a baby-size shirt of Vascao da Gama, but I'll ask Melissao to embroider something :P

    By Anonymous Uncle Rod, at 24/7/06 17:09  

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