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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Womb tunes

We've been reading a bit about pre-natal education, which is the idea that sounds can stimulate the brain of Lil' Genghis and give him a better, faster start on life. This is stuff like BabyPlus, which supposedly gets the baby's brain to make more connections by making more sounds similar to the mother's heartbeat. Like many of these devices, the scientific studies backing it have very small samples. Not everybody's exactly a fan:
I argue that in the aforementioned advice books and devices, the study of fetal development is mobilized so as to generate both a problem (the under-stimulated fetus) and an opportunity (pre-natal enrichment/education), where neither existed before. The maternal body is transformed into a "classroom" without a teacher. Source: 101k PDF
However, it's really easy to make a baby stimulator with some old headphones and a Walkman.

All this is a long way of coming around to one idea: What kind of music or speech should Lil' Genghis be exposed to? There's the classical music favored by Grandpa John, who used to test speakers with Tchaikovsky's "Russian Dance." Both sides of the family favor the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

There are worries, too, particularly with the lack of strong science. What if early exposure to The Allman Brothers could lead to a predisposition toward drug abuse?

Let us know! =)


  • Naum conheco nada disso, entao... MOZART! Super cliche, mas dizem que funciona muito bem pra baby! :P

    Ok, devo protestar quanto a falta de comentarios de mom em portugues... cade a familia brasileira hein?
    Naum sei se seria adequado, mas sugeriria Sophie se fosse menina... acho muito bonito e facil. Eu mesmo colocaria Sofia, mas o ianni jah tem um amiga proxima com esse nome. :(


    By Blogger Lezinha, at 30/7/06 17:29  

  • I'd suggest the post-rock, ethereal music of Sigur Rós: first because it's a nice mix of calm music and some kickass drumming; secondly because it's uncle Rod's favorite band. And, of course, it might give Lil'genghis a head start in case he/she ever needs to learn Icelandic later (you never know which country will be the next superpower...)

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 31/7/06 05:13  

  • Ok so I would suggest some good old rock'n'roll because after all he's supposed to be a world leader and we all know that worked at least once...

    By Anonymous tiamelissa, at 31/7/06 08:07  

  • eu e a ana simplesmente conversavamos com a barriga, para que o bebe se acostume com os sons. e deixamos o mundo em volta rodar sem evitar ou ficar grilado com qualquer coisa em nossa volta. acho que isso aí já é um bom começo.

    nao consigo imaginar um bebe sem estimulo ja que oos sons internos da mãe não param...

    o que nós lemos sobre musica e sons e estas coisas, vairavam desde "tremenda baboseira" a "grande influência para o bebe"

    então deixamos a coisa mais natural possível. E deu certo.

    By Blogger roleplayer, at 1/8/06 13:40  

  • Um, HELLO? Josh Groban, of course, come on!!!!

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 1/8/06 15:02  

  • This is a no brainer. Elvis.

    Or if you really want him to be a world conqueror, Wagner's "Flight of the Valkeryries".

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 1/8/06 15:13  

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