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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big bouncers

Aunt Lelinha and Uncle Chris shared with us a home video of their child, Marcus Anthony, playing in a jumper.

These baby jumpers are great, because A) they wear the child out B) provide good exercise C) wear the child out D) provide good entertainment and E) wear the child out. Basically, the lil' guy or girl is suspended by bungee cords and gets to jump up and down, and then up and down some more. offers an example picture.

We can't necessarily share the pictures of Marcus Anthony jumping, and Lil' Genghis is not yet large enough to go jumping on his own, of course. So, to make up for that, we're going to share some video of boydog and girldog jumping. On each other. Please, please, please note this video is now about three years old, and the dogs became good friends within a month or two. This was actually before they even lived together, and was just after they'd met.

Also, for the record, boydog is the little one. And he no longer ever, ever, ever wears a bow.

Oh, also for the record, the air mattress survived the experience.


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