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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Family get-togethers

This has been a great week for togetherness, the three or five of us. On Sunday, mom, dad, Lil' Genghis, two dozen Canadian geese and seven ducks enjoyed a picnic together on the shores of the local river:

On Tuesday, we bought a baby stroller/car seat/horizontal infantile logistics manipulation system off

Tonight, Wednesday, we're going to join some friends for some refreshing Diet Cokes during a game of pub trivia. (For the record: Last time, our team, "Those Guys," won by a mile (1,600 meters).)

And, Thursday, mom will just have to give in and go to see "Snakes on a Plane" with dad. I mean, any guy that's willing to locate and find 18mb of imagery, fire up a GIS system, find the picnic area, then drag the thing into a photo manipulation program to sketch the area of the geese just surely deserves a fine evening of film and friends, right?


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