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Friday, August 25, 2006

In memoriam

Lil' Genghis will never get a chance to meet the person in the world who was most glad to hear of his impending birth.

Grandma Julia, who would have been our child's great-grandmother, officially had 11 of her own children. It'd take a lot of time to figure out how many grandchildren she had. It'd take far, far longer, of course, to tell how many other people called her mother or grandmother. When dad met her last year, she was a smiling 93 -- and he knew he'd been adopted. He was far from the first to come into Julia's seemingly endless supply of love, and he surely wasn't the last. A continent away, Lil' Genghis probably felt the love.

Grandma Julia was so much more than simply sweet. She was smart, too, and sharp until the end. She always had a smile and a hug. Only a hospital could seemingly keep her away from family get-togethers; most of mom's friends met her because she rarely missed a party.

She passed this afternoon, with a wake tonight and the funeral tomorrow. Julia will live on, in dozens -- or hundreds -- of our hearts.

This hug with mom seems to say it all. Amo voce, grandmother.


  • Suze, I'm so sorry! I wish she had been able to meet our future world leader. Let me know if you need anything.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 26/8/06 18:38  

  • Thanks for the beautiful text, Mike.

    I'm sure mom will tell A LOT of stories about our dear Vovó Julia (as well as Vovô Schneider, Vovô Faria, etc) to lil'genghis, so it will be almost as if the future world leader actually met them personally :)

    This picture is one of my favorites, BTW.

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 28/8/06 11:28  

  • It sure meant a lot to me having vovó Julia as one of my grands.., and seeing her happy smiles during my life. She is definitely in my heart.
    And what a good picture of you two.
    I could feel that hug too. for real.

    By Anonymous Bernardo Vieira, at 28/8/06 22:31  

  • Sú,
    É com este mesmo sorriso que ela está olhando para você e o baby!
    Ela sempre estará com você, e principalmente na hora do parto.
    Believe me!
    O carinho, sorriso, calma, atenção, roupinhas que ela fazia para nós num piscar de olhos quando íamos lá brincar, e as almôndegas dela ficarão para sempre registrados em nossa memória.
    Te amo,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/9/06 17:33  

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