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Sunday, September 17, 2006


mom felt the first kicks from Lil' Genghis just while touching the outside of her belly. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe he's going to go grow up to become a great futebol player like Pele, who, of course, is also known to Brazilians for beginning his international career ... clobbering the Argentines. Go figure.

In other news, we've stumbled upon more advice about managing the baby/dog barrier, which is, essentially, to say it's not going to happen. Aunt Cristina, who will surely kill dad after hearing about this blog post, used to share her pacifier with a dog. She turned out OK, at least, for a lawyer. So maybe there's hope.

Not everyone turns out OK. For that, we must turn to the artists who try to portray other artists. No, this link really has little to do with anything else, but, hey, cool art, eh?


  • You just tell Chewie "if you ever get 3 feet close to the baby, I'll cut your balls off"

    Oh, wait a minute

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 17/9/06 05:44  

  • That was mean, Bob.

    By Anonymous mom, at 18/9/06 08:59  

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