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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The family, in photos

mom's been feeling a little under the weather lately, so we haven't been blogging so much. Sorry. We thought it'd be nice to share some photos of family and friends, except Cousin Dante isn't easily photographed. Lil' Genghis should be photographed on Friday. So, we'll put up these pictures and explain 'em all, but we also need to talk a little bit about folks under the weather.

boydog is worried about some of his friends. His aunt down the road isn't feeling very well, and her roommate is recovering from a troublesome surgery. His sweet lady friend around the corner (non-furry) is recovering from her fifth stent. Let's hope everyone feels better soon!

There was another family trip to a beach, a different one. Here we see mom looking over the frigid waters, with Lil' Sister toweling herself, reflected in the sunglasses.

Here's boydog hunting for some attention.

Isn't girldog pretty? What you can see of her? =) You can see even less of Cousin Dante -- the black legs at the bottom.

More pictures Friday, we hope, of Lil' Genghis. =)


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