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Friday, September 08, 2006


Yep, this part is official: Lil' Genghis is already a part of the family.

See, certain members of both sides of his family have a well-earned reputation for being strong-willed.





... and today Lil' Genghis proved the point, bouncing up and down like a caffeinated and sugared 6-year-old after awaking from a long nap in the summer sunshine. The little guy (or gal) wouldn't stay still for the ultrasound.

Initial indications are that the little guy will be just fine -- there's now an even-more remote chance of a genetic abnormality (besides him being born into both families, that is! =) ). More test results will come in about a month.

In the meantime, though, here's the pictures!

ET phone home! Our little guy's definitely more like a baby.

With big legs like that, he'll be taking on his Uncle Bernie and Uncle Eddie in the swimming pool in a few years. Strong swimmers run, er, strong in mom's family.

That's just the umbillical cord there. Relax. Wouldn't ya be proud, though? =)

Is he already trying to bite his toes, like Cousin Marcus? Only time will tell.

Edit: In response to a question from Aunt Sharon, who just discovered she's about to become a mom, we have to say that, sorry, it's too early to tell if we're getting a boy or a girl.

To head off a response from Uncle Oliver, who taught dad how to edit, we need to say that "Here's the pictures" are grammertically incurect. We should say, "Here be the pictures. Yo."


  • I was crazy to return from the cabin trip just to see these me "tio coruja", but you gotta agree this is the most beautiful baby-in-an-ultrasound we've ever seen!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 10/9/06 12:39  

  • PS: I gotta confess I was a bit disappointed he/she was not holding some Asimov, Card or Clarke books, micro edition. I'd say that's a great way to spend these longs 9 months in there, in between growing a limb here and a pancreas there..especially in this bookworm family!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 10/9/06 12:44  

  • Well, dad has been reading lots of Dr. Seuss to baby...

    And I must agree, that's a darn good looking baby even on ultrasound!! =]

    By Anonymous mom, at 10/9/06 18:39  

  • Hey, hey, hey!

    The baby's small, and the womb isn't much bigger. The only book that would fit in there was Mao's "Little Red Book." We're not going to let our kid be another one of those wanna-be Marxists from UFES.

    By Anonymous dad, at 10/9/06 20:08  

  • Hey, she/he's gorgeous! (well, i'm betting it's a girl!)

    By Anonymous melissa, at 11/9/06 05:43  

  • Well if it were a girl AND Suzana's daughter, it should be already talking a lot by now :P


    By Anonymous unclerod, at 12/9/06 04:21  

  • this topic is showing good revolucionary ideas for what babies can do while they wait 9 months to be born! I will defend he/she should just swim all around... Swimmers Rules! LOL :D

    I loved to be mentioned in here :D I am always checking out what´s going on.. Luv y´all!

    Ficaram mtoo legais as fotos!

    Uncle Bernie

    By Anonymous Uncle Bernie, at 12/9/06 20:27  

  • Sú and Mike,
    I´m so happy for you guys!
    Well now we have to waiting for the next ultrasound and: SURPRISE IT´S A BOY!
    That´s is mine opinion...Hehehe
    Love you all,
    Tia Marselle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/9/06 06:46  

  • HE is my grandson and he`s a boy,I can see it in the pictures and I can feel it as a real grandfather!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/9/06 19:51  

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