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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Naughty and nice

We all know that Santa keeps a list of who is naughty and who is nice. Santa already delivered early to some of our friends and family, what, with our baby on the way and all, and much of the family overseas. But we've already gotten some early reports of people who are really, really naughty and opened their presents SIX WEEKS (or more) before Christmas. Let's put 'em on the wall of shame here, shall we?

Joe and Cady
Chris and Lelia
What kind of message are you sending to the children?!? =)

It's actually some of a Brazilian standard to open presents on Christmas Eve after an evening of food. dad's family was always different. This was the typical routine:
  • Christmas Eve, afternoon: Big turkey dinner
  • Christmas Eve, early evening: turkey leftovers. Placed call to Domino's pizza for three big ones.
  • Christmas Eve, mid-evening: turkey leftovers.
  • Christmas Eve, late evening: turkey leftovers.
  • Christmas morning: Wake up and open presents before bleary-eyed parents
  • Christmas breakfast: Cold leftover pizza
  • Christmas lunch: Turkey leftovers
  • Christmas dinner: Cold or hot leftover pizza
  • Days after Christmas: Blush at the thought of how much food was consumed, then swoon at the memories about how good that cold pizza was.


    • Grand dad's family routine is absolutelly different.Be sure,Izabella,that it will be different!!!No turkey,only picanhas!!!

      By Anonymous Rinaldo, at 17/11/06 16:28  

    • This is the 164th BLOG I've posted this comment on today:

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      Last week, before going to sleep, I began asking myself a lot of WHAT IF questions.

      The central theme behind my thoughts are neither anti-war or pro-religion. My words are not meant to inspire scenes of flag-burning or political protest signs. Sadly, I realize that sometimes a lasting Peace means war.

      However, unless someone and everyone start talking about the idea of Peace...

      Even if it's just for two short minutes...

      It's possible that an unstoppable firestorm of hatred may one day burn its way across our entire planet.

      Instead of pointing out those differences which separate mankind...

      It's my hope that the humanity within all of us will somehow prevail...

      Even if it's JUST FOR TWO SHORT MINUTES...

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      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/11/06 23:03  

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