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Thursday, November 30, 2006

When friends move

mom grew up in the same town, mostly the same house, and has had friends who can't even remember how long they've been friends, how long it was since they met. dad seems to move a lot more, having lived for some time in five states. He was trying to remember the other day the last name of his buddy Alex, from whom he moved away in 1985.

Americans have become more transient, more likely to move, and the rate only increases each year. Our Lil' Genghis will surely move a few times, if only because her first home will be a rental. Likely, there will be moves after that, and times when she leaves.

These days, we're realizing that girldog in particular is losing a friend. This is a story of three dogs, a summer romance, and fun times. There was Piper, a sweet, intelligent, patient, good-natured guy. You know, the kind of dog (or person) that just gets looked over but remains everyone's best friend.

girldog, of course, ignored the nice guy and went for the dog equivalent of the tattooed, black-leather-motorcycle-jacket-with-chains wearing, thrash metal band drummer: Van Gogh. She spent a few months with him basically acting as a giant earring; after the ear bites, they'd start to chase each other. It was romance.

Not all summer romances end well, and this one went flat as the days became shorter in 2005. These days, now, Piper and Van Gogh are setting out with their dedicated mom for new digs. We wish 'em well, and will forever cherish those precious memories of their playful romps in the summer sunshine.


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