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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monitoring health

mom was saying, "Everything is happening during my pregnancy!" Unfortunately, it's not all good.

Great-grandpa Rinaldo took a turn for the worse today. He's expected to get better, but he's probably going to have to change his life a lot. He, like everyone else on both sides of Lil' Genghis' family, is ... obstinate. OK, just plain stubborn. Just like everyone else in the family, everyone.

At some level, part of Great-grandpa Rinaldo is still very much the strapping young man in Brazil's army, ready to take on the world. He still jokes that the war ended because "they" knew he was coming for 'em. If he can keep that kind of humor and strength going strong, he'll get through this just fine.

On an unrelated note, Grandpa John gave us a bunch of Christmas presents to monitor Lil' Genghis' health, mostly after birth. Still, we, er, did, er, unwrap, er, the stethoscope a little early to give the girl a listen. Squish squish squish -- pretty cool stuff. =)

We should note that, as with any medical instrument, stethoscopes are to be used only by trained medical personnel in carefully controlled settings, or those who drop a few bucks to buy one. Well, OK, but it's better than toying around with an ultrasound endlessly.


  • I'm sure if you call up Tom Cruise, he and Katie will let you borrow their ultrasound machine. You just have to jump up and down on a couch to get it.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 13/12/06 14:05  

  • Leeanne,
    Maybe someone named Hubbard could get the ultrasound machine for us. Tell them you're L. Ron's cousin! You could become part of TomKat's posse!

    By Anonymous mom, at 13/12/06 15:48  

  • Possibly, heh heh heh ................ >:)

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 14/12/06 13:31  

  • Poor grandpa..
    We´ll miss him a lot!
    what a good person he was..
    and thank god he was. he got to
    do pretty much everything life
    let us do.
    Rest in peace Vovô Rinaldo.

    By Anonymous Bernie, at 16/12/06 10:06  

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