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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rest in peace

Great-grandpa Rinaldo died a few hours ago, in much the same way as he lived: Spunky, strong, independent, stubborn and, yes, ironically, full of life.

He was laying in the hospital bed, a breathing tube shoved down his throat, when he decided he had had enough of the thing. He removed it, himself, without anesthetic, without the sedation.

Without, it turns out, the doctor's orders. Apparently this wasn't good for his health, but Great-grandpa Rinaldo preferred to do things his own way, on his own terms.

mom and dad last saw him just a couple of months ago, when we borrowed some historic family photos that we wanted to make copies of. The front of one of these photos looks like this: On the back of the photo, from a younger Rinaldo, is a note from a young man courting a lady named Maria Helena.

They were married 60 years.


  • I'm so sorry to hear about Great-Grandpa Rinaldo. I was hoping for the best for him. But he did it his own way.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 16/12/06 15:37  

  • We are all very sad...
    He is definitelly is a better
    place now, since the first moment
    he had the AVC, he showed everyone
    that 'that was it'. He didn´t want anymore from life. He´d done everything he wanted!
    and we must respect that. He is a hero!
    rest in peace Vovô Rinaldo.

    By Anonymous Bernardo, at 18/12/06 08:00  

  • Vovô Rinaldo was a true free thinker and a hell of a pragmatic guy, to the last minute.

    It may be hard and painful to believe what just happened, it was all so fast, but I am sure that if we could have a chat with him now he would be laughing and giving a "banana" to those doctors with all those tubes and needles. The last word, as always, were his.

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 18/12/06 09:26  

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