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Friday, January 05, 2007

Diary of a sanity break

Week and a half of family. Family. Broken glass. Emergency room. Family. Family. FAMILY. FAMILLLYYYYY. Family everywhere. Work. Family. Work. Family. Family. Back pain. Work. Family. Work. Family. Emergency room. Family. Family. FAMILY! Back pain, family, back pain, family, work work sick family work familyfamilyworkworkwork.

Today. Back pain. Move car. Fight landlord. Doggie barkfest. Barking. Barking. Barking. Work. Crazy night. Friday night. Full moon. Bad mix. Dead guy. Baby born in car. Tromping everywhere. Running. Phone rings. Running. Phone. Can't find baby. Discover arrested moron. Can't find baby. Dead guy not dead. More phone. Leave. Parking lot.

Grab newly burned CD. Led Zeppelin compilation. Slide into player. Skip some overplayed radio songs. First gear. Second. Stop sign. First. Second. Third. THIRD! fourth, fifth. Find better song.

"Gallows Pole." Crack window open. Fresh springlike air enters. Pounding drums and bass and mandolin leave. Worse life than this, the guy had. 70mph in Boston in January, and the air feels great. Think kind thoughts about global warming. More music. Start to relax with "The Rain Song." Sing along with indecipherable lyrics. Nobody can shriek like Robert Plant. Nobody can play a guitar like that anymore, either. Or the entire instrumental mix, flowing over me, getting on new highway.

Driving along the river now. Life is great. Window falls farther open. More air, refreshing, flows over me. It's a beautiful drive on a beautiful night. Driving is like flying. Closer to home now. New tune: "I'm Going to Crawl." Drive almost done. Thoughts of home. Song sweeps me up, sweeps into end, just a few more turns to home and the wife and the dogs. "She gives me good lovin's. ... Yes I love her ... Ooh, yes I loove her."

Driveway. Home. Jumping dogs. Wife. Shower. Beer. All better.


  • What a hell of a week you had... makes mine sound easy!
    Hope everything is better this week!

    P.S. Email me your home address... got to get something in the baby for Mom and Dad Stucka and Lil' Genghis.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/1/07 07:30  

  • Hey buddy, you sure you don't work for the Gazette with that work week???????

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 13/1/07 15:24  

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