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Friday, January 05, 2007

United in drink

A sharp-eyed Aunt Melissa just noticed the edge of a beer bottle in a photo taken of mom, and was even able to identify and praise the brand of beer. That's dedication!

On the other hand, her boyfriend, Uncle Rodrigo, left behind a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew, which still might be here the next time he visits and leaves the toilet paper hanging the wrong way on the dispenser. Maybe we can drop a roll of training paper on top of the soda bottle cap for him.

Of course, anyone who knows the dynamic duo knows all too well they're both math geeks, and that Melissa has both a greater appreciation and greater tolerance for alcohol, defined generally with a qualitative consumption of Me=Ro*(Π^2) despite a weight differential of at least Me/^2=Ro.

So it should come as little surprise that Rodrigo declined to try the Cossack Charge:

Uncle Rodrigo, you're welcome back as long as you learn how to hang the toilet paper the proper way. Aunt Melissa, you're welcome any time. =)


  • Not sure if Uncle Rodrigo knows about the Rules of Proper Toilet Paper Hanging Chez Stucka. Maybe an infograph would be helpful. Heck I didn't know about that until we got married! Those rules weren't really enforced when we were growing up in Brazil, not even when we still used banana leaves to leave our bums prim and proper.

    By Anonymous mom, at 5/1/07 13:25  

  • Proper way to hang toilet paper?

    Poor Mike, got institutionalized!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 5/1/07 19:33  

  • I had a hard time learning it but I finally got it. You can learn it, too!

    By Anonymous mom, at 5/1/07 19:36  

  • Be careful about just patently saying he can learn how to hang toilet paper properly. This is the engineering school dropout, remember. =)

    Dear reader, I feel I must explain. I made a New Year's resolution to be nice to Uncle Rodrigo. I'm not breaking it. The thing is, the year I was nice to him was 2006. I made it. And now he's mine. Muahahahhahahaa. =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 5/1/07 20:56  

  • OH MY GOD MIKE you're SOOOOOO right! I HATE toilet paper hanging the wrong way!!! But usually i just turn it around once, and Rodrigo doesn't even notice :P

    By the way, of course I recognized the Leffe bottle, what kind of professional beer lover would I be if I didn't? I take these things VERY seriously..

    By Blogger Melissa, at 7/1/07 12:52  

  • oh! i forgot to tell you i'm up for the cossack charge. seems awfully fun!!! now why don't you come visit me in belgium to taste a triple karmeliet or something like that? :P We'll bribe Suze and Rodrigo with galler chocolates if they complain.. lol

    By Blogger Melissa, at 7/1/07 12:54  

  • I notice some difamation going on here!!

    Now you gotta prove it was me putting the paper the wrong way (which, by the way, I also hate when it happens!). I mean, did you run to make an inspection every time I left from my happy #2? :P

    Mind you there were lots of guests there! :P

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 7/1/07 13:47  

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