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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Getting an education

So today mom and dad wrapped up their childbirth education class today. There were lots of great pointers, including when to call the doctor.
  • If the baby puke reaches just 3 feet (1 meter), don't worry about it. It's not true projectile vomiting.
  • True projectile vomiting involves a distance of perhaps 11 feet, or 1/6th chain, or 0.3412 kiloton. "If your baby vomits like in 'The Exorcist,' call your doctor."
  • "If your baby spins its head around like in 'The Exorcist,' call your priest."

    Useful stuff, that. Heck, we also learned that fluorescent-green puke is a very bad sign. Who'da thunk? =)

    mom noted how much she's slowed her life down since the first part of the class, two weeks ago. Back then, the instructor asked what time women were putting their feet up and calling it a night: "5! 6! 7! 6! 6! 11!" Three guesses who said 11 p.m., or 23:00h? Yeah. Her.

    dad has been telling mom for the last three years that marrying him meant lowering her standards, as if that wasn't obvious enough. She might finally be doing that.

    All of this said, we came to the conclusion that anyone stopping by the house to visit with the baby should bring lasagna. It's one of those things that has a decent variety of nutritional contents, can be reheated 17 times, and is one more thing that sleep-deprived parents won't need to cook. =)

    We'd highly recommend the childbirth education classes to other future parents, because there's an invaluable wealth of material that gives us much more capability of making an informed decision.

    There's also the possibility that prospective parents should consider the childbirth education classes, because this could be the best advertising for adoption you'd ever think about.


    • awesome!!
      very funny the part about the exorcist.. miss ya! bernie

      By Blogger Bernardo, at 22/1/07 22:06  

    • Mike and Suz,
      We're planning to take our childbirthing classes late next month... and I hope to hear some comments about projectile vomiting... I actually have an former co-worker whose daughter was diagnosed with that.
      Hopefully our girls will be luckier!

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24/1/07 12:11  

    • Projectile vomitting was fun.
      Ask my dad how MUCH fun. >:P

      By Anonymous Leeanne, at 27/1/07 21:21  

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