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Friday, February 02, 2007

Irony is where you find it

We got Lil' Genghis started on her political education at an early age, with a subscription to pinko The Nation magazine, which promptly sold her name to a million junk-mail lists.

dad was waiting until her birth to share with you the best pieces of mail that's come in her name, but today, something arrived, that seems unlikely to be topped before her birth.

Disclaimer: This isn't a political blog. We're not trying to turn it into one. This is about our daughter and the ironies of her life already. dad hopes our readers can see the irony in here, with this kind of mail going to an unborn girl. Again, irony, unborn child. We're not advocating anything here. We just think any reasonable, intelligent person -- which should be mostly all the family and friends here, except for Uncle Rodrigo -- should be able to appreciate the irony of this kind of mail going to an unborn girl.

The best piece of mail prior to today from John McCain, an often-tortured man who mailed our daughter just after advocating torture after turning his back on his own attempts to ban torture outright.

But, today, the mailman brought the whopper.
Dear Genghis ...

Personal and private childbearing decisions belong to a woman and whomever she chooses to consult -- her family, her doctor, her faith -- no one else should interfere, especially not politicians. It's her life, her body, her choice.
There's even a pretend-personal note written from the pro-choice folks to our unborn daughter:


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