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Thursday, February 01, 2007

When family goes bad ...

... watch out!

Some of boydog's cousins are on the prowl, and Atlanta's suburbs are on the alert.
Dozens of people have tried to corral two Shih Tzus in a Cobb County condo complex for several weeks, wooing them with fried eggs, dog treats and squeaky toys. The latest efforts to capture the homeless canines ended Tuesday — alas — with blurs of fur darting into the woods yet again.

"People have suggested dropping nets from trees or shooting them with a tranquilizer gun, but that would blow the fur right off of them," joked Robert Quigley, a Cobb County spokesman.
Please note these are distant cousins, of course. boydog is not known for his hunting or athletic abilities, nor street sense.


  • No no, boydog is known for the going after of squeaky toys and dog treats! :)
    Oh, and looking oh-so-cute.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 2/2/07 13:01  

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