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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Primo ... primo!

Great news from the baby front!

Lil' Genghis is now scheduled to get a primo primo. Primo, of course, is the Portuguese word for cousin. She's gonna have a cousin because Aunt Cristina announced today she's going to be a mom, with Uncle Robinho!

The little guy -- or girl -- is due at the end of October, which gives us all plenty of time to get used to the idea of Lil' Genghis having a nice play buddy when we visit for Christmas.

The news came as mom and dad were thinking more about being parents, and were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Now we have to think about being aunts and uncles, too. =)

For what it's worth, Aunt Cristina is also known as Piu, which is the Brazilian name for Tweety Bird. So here, for lack of anything better, we can only offer artists' conceptions of how Aunt Cristina's pregnancy might progress:


  • 2 nephews in a year!! This christmas sounds promising!!! I wish I could see the face of Grandma Biziza right now.

    While the only thing I can guess regarding Isabella is that she will be very white (and probably very talkative at an early age, considering the mother she got), it is an easier guess on Piu's side.

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 21/2/07 04:10  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 21/2/07 04:52  

  • I'm happy for Piu but... The pressure now comes from both sides!!! And I'm not getting a little Einstein or Hypathia until three very special letters are placed before my name. I'll just go to that corner and depress about my grad student miserable existence... :P

    By Blogger Melissa, at 21/2/07 04:53  

  • Melissa,
    Hang in there! You'll get no pressure from me about having a baby any time soon ...

    I just want you in the family. =) If unclerod doesn't treat you right, just let us know and we'll find you a cousin or somethin'. =)

    As for grad school, you can do it. Remember, there's beer.

    By Anonymous dad, at 21/2/07 07:05  

  • Bob and Melissa, I already warned you. Stay away from each other this weekend, just in case. Try some good contraceptive method, like playing dominoes or Monopoly! If the urge to get frisky arises, roll the dice and go to jail. And stay there! LOL

    Now I'm kidding. I'd love to have another nephew or niece! The more the merrier!!

    By Anonymous mom, at 21/2/07 09:51  

  • WOw! I just got the news and It´s awesome!
    The first thing I thought was the same Rodrigo did, I wish I could see tia Biziza´s face now! :D and Tio Rinaldo´s ! :D
    Love yall

    By Blogger Bernardo, at 22/2/07 07:23  

  • Tio Bernadinho,
    Ele e nao um "Tio Rinaldo" ... Ele e somente "Vo Mineiro."
    There is no longer any "Uncle Rinaldo" ... There is only "Grandpa Mineiro".

    By Anonymous dad, at 22/2/07 09:00  

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