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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


mom has been sleeping maybe an hour and a half at a clip, which might just be nature's way of getting her ready for Lil' Genghis' feedings. Nature seems to have a lot of tricks like that, few of which are particularly friendly to the mother.

Meanwhile, we got the crib set up last weekend. mom says she's already ordered a Geoffrey Giraffe print or some such for the wall. dad has another idea, one that offers the high-contrast, vivid colors that babies can best perceive; when the little lady grows older, of course, she could understand other messages of this artwork. It would also give her greater appreciation of boydog and girldog and reinforce the ideas of friendship, cooperation and sharing. Don't you, dear reader, agree this could be a better piece of art for the nursery?

On an unrelated note, another relative may be searching for room-appropriate furnishings. Aunt Melissa just got new digs, where she'll almost certainly be hoping that Uncle Rodrigo finally figures out the right way to hang toilet paper (see comment, at bottom). If he can't figure it out, perhaps he can buy her this little accessory and keep the manufacturer's photo handy:

If not, perhaps, sharing in the joy of her new home, he can read her some lovely sonnets to acquaint her with the new home. If that doesn't work, there's always spam haiku:
SPAM in the toilet.
Should I flush, or fish it out?
It's hard to decide.


  • The iPod-ready toilet paper hanger is... Ah, cute. 'Bout a poker game with dogs: it would look great, back home. Are you guys really thinking on hangin' this at the baby's room?

    By Blogger Silas Alexandre, at 12/2/07 08:31  

  • Hell no.
    We're hanging cute baby decorations in the room.

    By Anonymous mom, at 12/2/07 08:45  

  • Oh, for God's sake. Why don't you look at this logically?

    Dogs are cute.

    Dogs doing stuff is cute.

    Dogs gambling, drinking and talking crap about women, therefore, is cute.

    Ergo, the painting is cute. Helllloooooooooooo?

    By Anonymous dad, at 12/2/07 21:11  

  • Ok, ok. Let's do the logical thing: dogs are cute. Dogs doing stuff is cute. Dogs gambling, drinking, talking crap about chicks, is cute. So, dogs farting, crapping and pissing all over the backyard, is cute too... Right?

    By Blogger Silas Alexandre, at 1/3/07 15:11  

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