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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cousin Thor

Cousin Thor, age 12, died this morning. A Rottweiler, he stole the hearts of Aunt Claudinha, Uncle Duda, Aunt Ligia and many other people.

Cousin Thor with Aunt Claudinha

If nothing else, Thor was a rather loyal boy. Sensing something wasn't right the first night he met dad, Thor took a bite. In that, he may have been a great judge of character. But while a security guard was stationed nearly outside his own front door, Thor was never one to slack off in his protective duties.

And he never quit loving or being loved. Hearts are broken on at least two continents today over his passing. And while he is survived by new siblings -- including Oliver, Gigi and Biju -- he won't be forgotten.

Here's to Thor, who's probably getting some picanha in Doggie Heaven now.