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Monday, May 17, 2010

Two peas in a pod, because that's what they were.

The first time that I met Adriana, ... I just remember the long hair, the big smile, and she had this shy demeanor at first. What you couldn't miss was how connected she and Bernardo were.

And now that she's gone way too early, I'm glad they got to live this story together, and I'm very glad I got to meet her and Isabella got to meet her. We will miss her.

I don't understand why things happen this way sometimes and it seems so unfair, but it's got to be a reason and a plan that we are unaware of, and I know for sure that she's in a good place right now, and I just hope that her family and Bernardo, they'll be OK.

Bernie, I love you. Be well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Newly American

It was cliched. It was kind trite. It was pretty darn sappy.

Black-and-white photos of immigrants past filled a big projection screen. There was the obvious German, the cute little girls, a sailing ship simply crowded with people wanting part of the American dream. The screen froze on a flag filtering out the sun -- then became a color photo, and pictures of more recent Americans filled the screen. The elderly immigrants, the kids, the soldiers.

Then it was time for the people in the room.

Australia ... Belgium ... Bosnia ...

Some stood.

Botswana ... Brazil ...

Suze got up, looking around a little, to stand with the others.

Cambodia ... Canada ... China ...

All these people, from so far away, wanting part of what I was simply born into.

Cuba ... Dominican Republican ...

Brown people. Maybe not rushing to be part of Arizona right now, but wanting to be part of the United States. Thinking that they've got a good chance here.

El Salvador ... Ethiopia ... Germany ...

And what of Arizona? These are people who, unlike the rest of America, know how many amendments there are now (27), how many voting U.S. representatives (435) and how long they have to wait before they're eligible to run for the House or Senate.

Malysia ... Mexico ...

These are folks who believe in our government, in our economy. If something's not right, it can be fixed. The states are the laboratories for democracy, yes, but the United States itself has also been a laboratory.

Nigeria ... Pakistan ... Panama ...

Will these newly minted Americans be the last to lose faith in democracy, the last to grow so cynical? Will they be the last to turn away from the American justice system despite modern threats like non-state terrorists?

Sierra Leone ... South Africa ... Thailand ...

No idea. But that's up to them, I guess. They've got the choice. In a few days they can all be voters. They'll probably more likely to vote.

Vietnam ... Yugoslavia ...

Is that the end? 117 new Americans, coming from 50 countries? No, not quite Americans yet.

I hereby declare ...

Suze has one hand up, taking a pledge.

support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America ...

And it's over. Suze is now an American in every way. How will she vote? It's up to her. How may she do on a jury? I guess we'll find out. How will she be as a mom? Heh, we already know that. How much will she participate in our nation? I'm not quite sure, but I fear for the parent-teacher organization she'll sure to take over in a few years.

It's up to her. At last, at long last, it's up to her.

Suze, with her new American-South African friend

Hey, look: It was cliched. It was kind trite. It was pretty darn sappy.