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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A note to another mom

So remember I said Suze and Bel were next door taking care of the
neighbor's dog? I went to tell 'em about the hall of fame ... and
found them sorta scattered over the neighborhood. Isabella on the
neighbor's lawn, Suze farther down, the dog farther than that and
running. And the neighbor's alarm was going off rather loudly. Later
found out Suze had set the alarm, tried to go out the door and the dog

I grabbed Bel and tried to catch up to Suze and the dog, but the dog
kept going. Suze eventually caught up to the dog, which had no collar,
of course. So I took Bel, went to get our dog collar and leash, barely
stopped our big dog from making an escape of her own, grabbed Bel and
the leash and collar and tried to meet Suze and Cocoa. It was fun
getting her back in the house and then getting out after, Suze called
the neighbor in Michigan, then started changing Isabella while I
waited forever for the cops to show up. Cop wanted to get the story
from Suze directly, and that's when I found out her asthma was going
badly. So I think she's almost ready to go out the door now, maybe.

Life with a toddler tends to be interesting!