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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now that we know it's only one...

What's your guess?


  • Marcys Anthony wants to put his name down on the list of future boyfriends. He has blue eyes and 27" long, half Brazilian. He has a nice stroller too.

    Beijos... L

    By Anonymous Lelia Pohlabel, at 31/7/06 18:47  

  • I think that'll only work well if Lil' Genghis is a girl.

    Now, if our kid turns out to be a boy and homosexual, and your boy turns out to be homosexual, I'm sure both of our families will still love and cherish them both.

    The problem would be if they fall in love. They'd have to live in some sort of homosexual-friendly place like, oh, Santos Dumont. Do you really want your child to be from the state of Minas Gerais? Have you seen my father-in-law since he moved? Yikes! =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 31/7/06 19:25  

  • Querida Su, estou adorando isso aqui! Vai ser muito útil pra acompanhar tudo... Independentemente se vai ser menino ou menina... é o filho de vocês, né?! Então... parabéns!!! Beijos mil...

    By Anonymous Ula, a pé quente!!, at 1/8/06 09:33  

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