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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baby's first flight

Mom stepped in a plane for the fist time today since she got pregnant. She is in North Carolina visiting Aunt Lelia, Marcus and Prozac while Uncle Chris attends his brother's wedding in Utah.

Tomorrow we'll have some photos!!

Edit: Maybe interpret "tomorrow" a little loosely. There's a bit of morning sickness going on. Maybe dad will come up with a photo, instead.


  • mom actually took some photos (thanks Aunt Lelia but whether they'll figure out how to upload those from Uncle Chris's new super-duper new camera, well, that's another story!

    By Anonymous mom, at 4/8/06 21:12  

  • Ahhhhh. dad apologizes. It's not that they don't have the photos, as she had promised. She just can't share 'em. :P

    boydog was passing out, sitting on the floor but with his head on the side of his bed. He misses you. Maybe he'll snuggle while dad watches a chick-flick tonight. You know, the movie exploring a dysfunctional dating relationship caught in the topsy-turvy chaotic modern world, unrequited and hidden love, the strong bond of friendship that can survive death itself.

    Shaun of the Dead also has guns. And zombies.

    By Anonymous dad, at 4/8/06 21:19  

  • If he needs a good chickflick, heck, put "The Notebook" on!

    By Anonymous mom, at 4/8/06 21:22  

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