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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bibs are your friends

While mom is visiting Aunt Lelia in North Carolina she's also doing a priceless internship. Among the things she learned from observing Lelia and Marcus:

- Have bibs. Many bibs. Bibs are yer friends. They keep clothes beneath them a little less wet from all the drool that rolls down from that cute little mouth. Seems like Marcus will soon start showing his pearly whites!

- Burpcloths are bib's sidekicks and they too go a long way. They're arguably the most ubiquitous thing around the house. You never know when you'll need to stop that big barf from reaching the walls, like it just happened a few minutes ago. Well, we would have needed a sheet to control all the milk that babies can pump out of their stomachs when they are really hungry and eat too fast. Like it just happened to Marcus, poor little guy.

- By all means do buy a baby swing. They keep baby happy and entertained for a long time.

- Ditto for the exersaucer. They're fun, and they wear baby right out. A half hour in one of those for baby is the equivalent to running a marathon for us (or just
half a block if you're pregnant).


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