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Friday, August 04, 2006

A lengthy relationship

When relationships get serious, small signs of permanence start showing up. Sometimes it's a friendly debate over leaving a toothbrush at his place, or taking over a sock drawer at hers. mom and dad started falling for each other immediately, but the first physical sign of permanence was a can opener.

A cheap P38 can opener, to be precise, a military-surplus item, just two pieces of steel not much larger than a coin. dad snuck it into a kitchen drawer. Ever since then, there's been a few of those things hanging around. They even left rust spots on a dish drainer when she decided they needed to be washed.

With the baby, though, she's feeling a bit more delicate, and, possibly out of concern for this three-year tradition, she carefully confessed that the can openers hurt her hand.

So, today, there's a new, big, normal can opener, with cushioned grips. It's added to our family, much as Lil' Genghis will be.

But those P38s will probably still be around for a while. =)


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