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Monday, December 25, 2006

Feliz natal!

So, in a two-bedroom apartment, we've had:

  • 2 dogs;
  • 12 people (counting Lil'Genghis);
  • 8 people sleeping here;
  • Food including an 8-pound ham, a 14-pound turkey, a big hunk of deliciously flavored pork, Portuguese french toast, Italian-style sweets, a big tray of apricot something-or-anothers, potato salad, several hunks of bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes, a selection of about 8 wines, 30 bottles of beer, cold apple cider, warm apple cider, orange juice, several kinds of soda, two kinds of milk, water, iced tea, and lots of other stuff;
  • and one bathroom.

    We all survived, and wish you all a Happy Hannukwanzumass! Pictures will hopefully follow.


    • All you needed was a running water fountain in the corner of the room. Now THAT'S a party!
      Was there turducken?

      By Anonymous Leeanne, at 26/12/06 10:52  

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