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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fotos o' fun!

Aunt Amanda shared her valuable photography skills with us, so we can bring some pictures from Christmas.

Here we see a big chunk of the family. From left to right, it's Great-Aunt Bea, Uncle Rodrigo, mom, Aunt Carol, Great-Uncle Johnny, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Amanda and Aunt Bruna, just showing a small slice of the family.

Yeah, mom's side is Catholic. Thanks for asking.

Here we see mom reclining with boydog after a long Christmas day. That empty bottle in front of her didn't play a role. She says.


  • hmmm leffe...

    By Blogger Melissa, at 5/1/07 09:19  

  • Damn she's sharp!

    By Anonymous mom, at 5/1/07 13:21  

  • Guess who was drinking it? =)

    Hint: not Suze, for obvious reasons, and not Mike, who only drunk non-alcoholic cranberry punch all holiday long (probably to be always ready in case Isabella decide to get out for a stroll earlier than expected).

    I miss Sasha, Chewie, John and Suzy already! :P

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 5/1/07 19:29  

  • We miss it too, filho. Mike misses you too, he just won't admit it.

    By Anonymous mom, at 5/1/07 19:38  

  • I don't know if I've ever written anything here before, but it's all right... I think. My bad, Su 'n Mike. So, this is the gang you've spent Christmas with? They look cool - so are the babes. Cute. Keep it cool!

    By Blogger Silas Alexandre, at 30/1/07 06:16  

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