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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feliz anno novo!

mom and dad would like to wish everyone a wonderful, safe and good New Year. It's been quite a year back at Chez Genghis.

One highlight for us and Lil' Genghis, of course, is the advent of Lil' Genghis herself. It's fun to look back at those early days, when we didn't know how big the Horde would be.

You guys, of course, were as right as wrong: 16 saying we'd have both a girl and a boy, 13 saying we'd have a boy, and 27 saying we'd have a girl. Some of these might have been late votes.

And who could forget our artist's impression of the very young world leader?

This year also marked Lil' Genghis' first trip to Brazil, leaving dad an opportunity to educate her on her second nationality.

Of course, we also witnessed the continued mental deterioration of mom as she started losing track of reality
, paired with dad's forgetfulness, too.

Not all went so well this year, and we need to be careful to remember all of Lil' Genghis' friends and family members who never got a chance to meet her: Great-Grandma
, Great-Grandpa Rinaldo, and even little Prozacinho.
When Lil' Genghis arrives later this year, they'll surely be looking down upon her and smiling, or maybe playing with a piece of string.



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